Our sourdough, healthy, light and carefully prepared dough has been the same for 50 years.


We flatten the dough by hand, we cook 5 pizza at a time in the brick oven and we add the most part of ingredients after cooking in order to enhance their taste and quality.


Let yourself be tempted by Leo,

our historical Pizzaiolo

Two Tastes Pizza

You can choose two different flavors at the same time, on the same pizza. Funny ideas for those who do not know which one to choose.


It leavens eight hours longer than our usual dough, so it grows and stays higher and fluffier, but crispy at the same time.

Here's our crispy version of pan pizza.


The pizza dough is prepared as a baguette which has inside different cheeses that are cooked as they were “al cartoccio”. Once the sfilatino is baked we add on it cold cuts, sliced at the moment.


It is the typical “calzone” which has inside fresh cheese au gratin. Once baked it is cut and some fresh vegetables and cold cuts are added on it. We have a great variety of it, they’re all very tasty!

Club Sandwich

Una rivisitazione del club sandwich dove la pasta della pizza resta fragrante e croccante e la pancetta viene gratinata nel forno a legna per esaltarne il suo aroma.

The "Wheel"

The wheel is two portion pizza. The dough used is as big as two for pizza put together and is as big as a table!

It is divided into 4 slices all dressed differently:

Different kind of Pizza preparation
Different kind of Pizza preparation
Different kind of Pizza preparation
Different kind of Pizza preparation